A Backgrounds are an easy swap with Green Screen A From studio to Rain Forest - all with the click of a mouse with Green Screen Technology A School photo on Green Screen A There's a background for everyone with Green Screen technology A Desiree on Royal Blue A Lars on Royal Blue A One of the many background choices with Green Screen technology and Clarke Action Photography A Tori on Formal Gray A With upwards of 40 backgrounds, parents have plenty of options. A School portrait in Prince George A Fall colours are brilliant from a school portrait session thanks to our Green Screen A Brock on Fine Art beige/blue A Always multiple backgrounds to choose from for all clients A Lakes District Secondary School Graduate A Friends always welcome for buddy photos, no extra charge A Fort St James Graduates A Extra photos no problem for any and all grads A Multiple backgrounds included for all high school grad sessions A Formal portrait before the cap and gown session at no extra charge A We always welcome friends (and teammates!) for extra photos.