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FEB 17, 2020

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Lakes District SS Class of 2020
FEB 7, 2020

Lakes District Class of 2020 Photo Gallery is ready for viewing!

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2019-2020 School Photo Gallery
DATE: SEP 17, 2019

2019-2020 School Photo Gallery

Howdy folks

The 2019-2020 School Photo Galleries are live and ready for your viewing and ordering pleasure.

There are a series of discounts available to help with multiple orders, and to reward anyone that places an order over $80. 

Be sure to use these codes.

The first is 15% off any order over $82...enter the code D15.

Any order over $95 will receive 20% off their order; use the code D20 upon checkout for that discount; an additional discount is available for purchases over $120 -enter Code D30 on those orders.. 

To check out the action-packed day of smiles by the Lightening crew at Springwood Elementary in Prince George, BC, by following this link: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000746116#login  once there, enter your personal access code and your email, and you're in!

Students who roam the hallways with the Cougars at Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary in scenic Fraser Lake, BC will be able to view their photos by following this link: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000746137#login

The Stars that shine at Beaverly Elementary School in Prince George,can find thier web gallery here: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000746412#login

The Vikings who sail the high seas for adventure at Vanway Elementary will be able to view their photos by following this link: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000746432#login 

The high-flying gallery for the Foothills Elementary Eagles in Prince George, BC, can view your nest full of photographs here: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000748776#login

If you howl with the Huskies at Decker Lake Elementary School in Burns Lake, BC, you can view your photos here: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000748818#login

The good citizens within the walls of William Konkin Elementary School in Burns Lake, BC, can view their photo gallery here: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000749628#login

If you like to paddle with the Lakers at Lakes District Secondary School, set your sights on this link to view your photo gallery: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000749127#login

For those of you that roam with the Grizzlies at Glenview Elementary School in Prince George, BC, you can order your photographs through this link: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000750650#login

The high-flying Hawks at Heritage Elementary School in Prince, George, BC can view their fine photo gallery here: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000750866#login

The students that have an amazing view of Stuart Lake in Fort St. James, BC, from the windows in Nak'al Bun Elementary School can view their photo gallery here: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000751224#login

The Eagles that soar above the fine building that is Edgewood Elementary School in Prince George, BC, will be able to view their photo gallery by following this link: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000751270#login

If your children are refining their linguistics by working on Canada's other official language at Ecole Lac des Bois in Prince George, BC, follow this link to look for their school photographs: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000752377#login

If you like to roar with the Lions at Harwin Elementary School in Prince George, BC, you can view your online photo options by following this link: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000752920#login

The fine students that don their blue shirts and listen to O' Canada everyday at Spruceland Traditional School, in Prince George, BC, can view their photo gallery here: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000752898#login

Students -  and parents - from Ecole College Heights Elementary in Prince George, BC can check out the photo day that was by following this link from Clarke Action Photography:



If you hangout with the Dragons at David Hoy Elementary School in beautiful Fort St. James, BC, follow this link to view your images: https://vando.imagequix.com/g1000757149#login

Worth noting is that if you want to jump queue and get your photos faster than waiting to return them to school for ordering, there is no shipping charges for two weeks - and you get to select from over 40 backgrounds with this premium service.


Remember, if you want some retouching on any photo, be it blemishes or glare on glasses, brighter teeth...contact Lorne BEFORE you place your order - thanks.

Any questions? Contact Lorne @ Clarke Action Photography via .