2016-17 School Photo Galleries

Greetings and salutations!

The school photo galleries are now ready for your viewing and ordering pleasure!

To view your students' photos, log on to the school galleries listed below and enter the online access code located on the proof envelope.

Once there, you can view the various background choices by selecting a package (with no commitment to ordering online) and adding it to your cart; the multitude of backgrounds will appear before you. There are considerable more choices here than what we can offer via the regular ordering process. Note that if you want to order online, some of the backgrounds come with a "premium fee" of $1, which is added to your package total; shipping charges and taxes are also added to the total due to third-party fees associated with the web galleries.

When you order online there are no late fees but a $7 charge (plus tax) is added to your order to cover shipping to your mailbox. There is third party involvement with this process, hence the extra fees. 

For late orders, this is the only way to go. We are trying to reduce the extra work being placed on the admin staff at schools that is created by late orders so we are directing all late traffic to this web-order gallery. The site is very secure for credit card orders. Please ensure you enter all billing and shipping information as it appears on your credit card to ensure the process works smoothly.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via info@clarkeaction.com  or toll-free @866-847-2805

School gallery address are here:

For students attending Ecole College Heights Elementary in Prince George, BC, follow this link:https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3061 

Students attending Lakes District Secondary in Burns Lake, BC should follow this link: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3087

William Konkin Elementary students in Burns Lake can find their photographs here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3092

Decker Lake Elementary students have their images posted here:https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3096

The Stars that attend Beaverly Elementary School in Prince George, BC may find their images here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3106

If you are Stinger that flies through the fine confounds of Southridge Elementary in Prince George, BC, you can find your images here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3108

The Vikings that sail the hallways around Vanway Elementary School, your images are posted here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3117

For those of you that fly like an Eagle at Edgewood Elementary School, follow this link to see you images and help you select your background: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3242

If you are among the Dragons at David Hoy Elementary in Fort St. James, BC, follow this link to view your images: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3346

The boys and girls dressed in blue at Spruceland Traditional School in Prince George, BC, can find their images here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3314

The Hawks that soar through the hallowed grounds of Heritage Elementary School in Prince George, BC, will find your web gallery here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3403

If you like the Grizzlies at Glenview Elementary School in Prince George, BC will find their wild and wooly gallery here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3315

The Cougars that roam the hallways around Fraser Lake Elementary-Secondary can find their photo gallery here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3295

If you are one of the Panthers that prowls around Peden Hill Elementary School in Prince George, BC, you can find your web gallery here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3347

For the fine students who call Ecole Lac des Bois in Prince george, BC, home on weekdays from 9-3, you can find your photo gallery here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3404

If you are one of the lucky students that gazes out at Stuart Lake in Fort St James, BC from the windows of Nakal' Bun Elementary School on weekdays, your web gallery is here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3427

Do you enjoy country living and hanging out at Giscome Elementary School? If so, you can find your photo gallery here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3485

If your children fancy running with the Wolves around Blackburn Elementary School, you can find your photos here: https://clarke.myportraitgallery.com/?id=3484

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